Good Old-Fashioned Journaling

by Sara Marchessault

*This is a small excerpt from the draft of my new eBook: Journaling Juju: 33 Ways to Gather Your Thoughts.

Journaling is hands down the ultimate, number one tool to help a person gain clarity in her thinking, make decisions, and move forward. Journal Juju1

Keeping a journal is easy! Grab your pen and start to write! Write about a fun thing you did that day. Write about the new guy in the office. Tell a story about your past. Plan your future. The pages here are a safe space for you to both capture details about your life and empty out the stress/fear/anxiety/doubt that you might be carrying around with you.

Keeping a journal is hard. The blank page can be daunting. What do you write? What if someone finds it, reads it, and condemns you for it? This can keep the cap on your pen and stuff all of your feelings of stress/fear/anxiety/doubt inside. They can bog you down. Keep you from moving forward with great ideas, creative projects, or relationships, and healthy risk-taking.

Lots of people out there keep journals.

Lots more want to and just don’t know where to start. The benefits of journaling are well-known – and if you’re not so sure a quick search in Google will reveal articles written on why we should keep journals.

But the truth is that good old-fashioned journal writing just isn’t for everyone.

And that’s where this book comes in.

How can you get the benefits of journaling without keeping a traditional journal?

Here are 33 ways.

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