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Website Pers CoachThanks for poking around my website. I do this work because I believe strongly in the power of the written word to foster growth and positive change. Click here to check out books I’ve published.

I also believe it’s never too early to start developing a voice.

Every one of us has a voice, and we all have a right to use it. The work I do is about helping to bring more of our voices into our everyday experiences. Why? I believe when we’re more in touch with what’s important to us, we enrich our overall life experience.

There are two ways I work with writers and clients: JBD Kids and the Joyful Journaler. Scroll down to read more.

JBD Kids: Stories by Kids, for Kids

Do you have a child in your life who would love to publish an original story. This service gives young readers and writers an opportunity to explore their voice. I work with children to write an original story and Joyful by Design publishes their work. The tangible result is a book your child can hold in her hand; the priceless result is the confidence that comes from using writing as a form of self-expression. Along the way, they learn a whole-lot about writing and publishing too. Click here for details about packages and pricing.

The Joyful Journaler

The Joyful Journaler is a line of themed journals I design and publish. Journal writers and clients use these products to: Reflect. Plan. Heal. Move Forward.

I love – capital L – Love – personal, reflective writing. In a journal you can work through big stuff. Take note of smaller stuff. Write the story of your success. Heal a broken heart. Keep a log of what she said and what you wish you had said back. Create the story of what you wish your life was like.

In our journals, or any of our writing, we use our voice to express ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the world to see or to keep in a bottom drawer. What does matter is that some of us connect with the sense of our own voice through the process of writing; we need and even crave to express ourselves on the page.

When we do, we feel more comfy in our skin than we did before we picked up the pen, and we’re ready to learn from our experience and move through another day or week.

I believe in the power of your words on paper, so, I make products to encourage journal writers like you and me to keep our pens moving and use our writing to live intentionally.

If you like the stuff I make, but you’d like to dive deeper, you can contact me to discuss coaching opportunities:

Need a journal for your team or program?

If you’d like a themed journal for your team or program and one of my current publications isn’t quite right, shoot me an email and we can talk about creating you a custom journal: