Would you worry less with more info?

by Sara Marchessault

At the start of a new semester a lot of conversations I overhear are laden with stress and worry. There’s concern about teacher expectations, surviving without parents, and finding resources needed to survive.

My job is to teach them how to ask for help and find what they need. And believe you me, asking for help is something that a lot of us need help with learning!  Would you worry less with more info?

So, how much time and energy do we waste when we’re worried?

And what about those of us who are done with college? In the midst of raising our kiddos, managing our careers, and running our businesses, how often do we fester and worry when we could just ask for what we need? Do any of these ever happen to you?

  • You make an offer and don’t hear back right away. They must not be interested or thought the offer was unreasonable.
  • You bring over a meal and don’t get an immediate phone call telling you how great it was. What if they got sick after they ate it?
  • What is this weird spot on my leg? I must have something really wrong with me.

We start to tell ourselves stories about our life that are often based in fear of rejection, loss, failure, etc. And many times, if just had a little more information, the problem would be solved.

After making an offer, how about a phone call to follow up? Just leave a message and then move onto the next thing that demands your attention. Try giving that next thing your all and not worrying so much about what’s behind you.

The friend that you brought the meal to? Depending on the reason you are helping out (new baby, loss of a loved one), they simply might not have had time to respond. Send them a Facebook note to ask how their meal was. More than likely they will respond to a simple inquiry with a “thank you – it was delish!”

The weird spot on your leg? Depending on your flair for adventure, start with The Google or go to the doctor. Try not to fester over it until you get more information and find out whether or not its something to worry about.

My guess is that if you made a list of three to five things that are worrying you right now, much of that anxiety by asking for help, collecting a few pieces of information or taking a couple of small action steps.

What can you stop worrying about today? And what will you use that energy for when you’re not using it worrying? Tell us in the comments below!

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