Reason #2 to Keep a Family Journal – Story Time

One item to add to your family journals: stories.

They’re all around you. Your grandparents have them, your parents, some people are even lucky enough to have great-grandparents still around.

You could ask them to share their stories and write them down. You can record them, which is an amazing treasure for future generations.

Or you could ask them to write them down in their own handwriting in your family journal. After they write the journal you could record a conversation or even an interview about the stories they’ve shared.

My grandmother’s sister is still living and she has shared stories that she heard from her grandmother when she was a girl. That’s my great-great-grandmother. They are memories and tales that would have been lost if we hadn’t taken the time to listen and record what Aunt Becky shared with us. I love hearing about my ancestors. It makes me feel connected to the past in the most beautiful way…

Maybe this holiday season when you’re spending time with your family, ask about favorite childhood memories and see where the conversation leads. It just might end up being your most memorable holiday yet!


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