Prosperous Journaling

Nature's prosperity
Prompt: What can a blooming flower teach us about prosperity?

What does prosperity mean to you?


Your dream home?

Getting an education?

Being able to do what you want when you want?

It could mean any of those things!

It could also mean a feeling of deep gratitude and peace for what you have in your life. And trust that what you need will always be provided.

I’ll have some of that! How do I get it?

Give journaling a try! One of the fastest ways that we can bring more of what we want into our lives is to focus on what it is we desire. We can get really clear about it and see it in our mind. We can live as if we have already experienced that which we want most.

And one way to really focus our attention is to grab a pen and start to write. We can jot down details, draw pictures if we are so moved, make lists, and even write letters.

If we do this with prosperity in mind, there is a really good chance that we will feel more prosperous. It really is that simple.

Ready to give it a shot? Grab your journal and start with a simple thank you list. Write down ten things for which you’re thankful. For each item on your list, add a note about how that item makes you feel more prosperous. Read it over when you’re done and let yourself really think about this for a few minutes.

There’s a good chance that after this exercise you’ll walk away focused on good things in your life. Sounds like a great way to start the day! Why not make it a regular practice?

I’d love to hear what experiences you put on your thank you list! Leave a comment below so we can hear about how this works for you!

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