3 Reasons to Make Your Own Journal

by Sara Marchessault

A journal is a special place, a sacred place to share your deepest thoughts, your fears, celebrate your successes, and record your life.

We buy them in bookstores, order them from Amazon, and receive them as gifts.

What if we took it a step further? Just for fun? Stack of journals

One reason to make our own journals is to increase our sense of ownership. To choose the paper, make the cover, and put it all together gives us a deeper sense that those precious pages belong to us.

And when you feel like your pages are precious, you just might be more inclined to use them to capture the important details of your life. Or what you think is important.

A second reason to make your own journal is to engage in a creative activity. Writing is itself creative, of course. Whether we are painters or writers, butchers, bakers, or candlestick makers, we all need a break from what we regularly do.

We need to exercise those creative muscles by engaging in a creative endeavor that is outside of our norm. So, when we write in our journals on a regular basis, it’s possible that sometimes we end up with a block. We can reignite those creative juices by making our own journal.

Finally, a third reason to make your own journal is to just plain old say that you did. How cool will it be to have a journal that you get to say is one you made with your own two hands? It’s totally awesome! And once you learn how to make one, you can make them for others. It can become a fantastic gift idea!

Want to learn more about making your own journal? Join Julie Guyot and myself on October 26th and give it a try!

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