What happens when you journal?

Keeping a journal is a project that starts out differently for all of us. It can be about record keeping. Or finding answers. Or just because you have to write. What happens

Regardless of the reason we journal, there are a few very cool side effects that happen to every journal writer.

Self-awareness increases. We get to know ourselves better. We become aware of our needs. Our fears. What it takes to move beyond them.

Decision-making gets easier. We can process varying sides of an issue and come to a conclusion that we can live with. Over time, we learn to trust ourselves and might even make decisions faster.

Clarity is something that can be expected. Every time you pick up your pen to empty out thoughts and wiggle through emotions, you get closer to clear.

Sleep can be easier after emptying thoughts onto paper. Take it out of your head and put it on paper to ease into slumber.

We start to create our own life story. This is a big one. When you start to notice this is your life story, you want it to be a good read, right?

Developing healthy habits can become easier as we write about them. There’s nothing like the plain truth in black and white to hold us accountable!

We become better writers. It’s true, the more you practice something the better you get at it, and writing is no exception. Your overall writing skills will improve with a regular journaling practice.

Have you noticed any of these side effects happening in your own journaling practice?

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Sara Marchessault is a coach, writer, teacher, and mom who helps busy women use journaling to create more space in their life for being productive without feeling overwhelmed. To learn more about Sara and her work in the world, please visit joyfulbydesign.com or saramarchessault.com.

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