Journal the holidays

Before they’re gone for good!

by Sara Marchessault

“I love your new sweater! Where did you find it?”

“Thanks, I love it too! I got if for my birthday…or was it Christmas? Not sure, but I know my sister bought it for me – I would never have bought this color for myself!”

Does this ever happen to you?

Okay, maybe not remembering when you got what gift, or who gave it to you, is a tad bit shallow.woman writing in journal

But three years from now when you’re husband suggests that you make Turducken for Thanksgiving or Christmas and you are able to pull out your holiday journal that captures all the reasons why you should not attempt this again (it took twelve hours to cook all the way through, it was so heavy it took two people to get it in and out of the oven every time you checked it, and the leftovers literally never ended) you will be glad you wrote it all down in your journal.

I’m really into keeping journals, and holiday journals are in my top three favorite kinds of journals. (In fact, I like it so much I wrote an article on ways to capture holiday memories. Check it out!)

Don’t you love looking back from year to year and seeing how your holiday celebrations change over time?

Or remembering that you had the best holiday meal ever the year you didn’t have to cook?

If you haven’t yet documented the 2013 holiday season, February is the perfect time to put your pen to paper (fingers to keyboard, lips to recorder, smile to video – you know what I mean!).

You are rested after the busy holidays.

You haven’t let too much time pass so that you don’t remember the cool details that made this past season unique.

Football season is over.

And its still winter. The time of year when we are geared to retreat, curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea, and do something introspective.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Are you ready to write in your holiday journal?

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