Blog post 100 – yes! What are you celebrating?

There is a lot of stuff I’ve done 100 times. So have you.

For us mommies, we’ve changed over 100 diapers.

Nursed, pumped, or prepped a bottle well over 100 times.

Cleaned up after over 100 meals that consisted of pureed veggies, meat, and fruit. If you have never done this, all I can say is lucky you. There is just something about pureed beef that is more than a little gross.

Kissed over 100 boo-boos.

We’ve had fun stuff too. Chocolate. Coffee. Sex. Good books.

I bet lots of those things have hit the 100-time milestone for most of us too.

But hot freaking damn!

I don’t track those things – do you? Probably not. If we tracked every little thing we did we would give each of those little things even more time than we already do.

No, we just do them.

And they’re not all hard. Especially the chocolate and sex.

But my blog posts are something I do track the numbers on. And reaching 100 is something that I’m proud of.

Because you know what? This shit is hard.

It’s hard to show up over and over again. It’s hard to fit in time for something that is not a “have to do” when life is absolutely chock full of responsibilities.

It’s hard to do this over and over when there are other people asking for attention and an instant response to the seasoned cry of “Mommy!”

Sometimes the things we want to do are put off, plain and simple.

They get kicked to the curb, left in the cold, and become an item at the bottom of our to-do list. They get beat up, shoved around, and regretfully looked at as the task there just wasn’t enough time for.

The reason that today’s post is so particularly exciting for me is because it means that 100 times that I could have pushed this off, I didn’t.

100 weeks that I wanted to let this go, I pushed through.

This work is super freaking important to me.

Important enough for me to have 100 weeks where I sat and thought of something to post on this blog.

It feels HUGE!

All of the marketing gurus say that you should make sure that everything you write to your reader serves him or her in some way. That there should always be value communicated to your reader.

I believe that 110%. And I had this blog post idea that I was going to write that was on a totally different topic.

But, when I realized this was my 100th post, I knew that what I really needed was to tell you that I hit the 100 mark.

Because my ideal reader is a kick-ass woman (that might not always feel like she kicks ass) who I get to celebrate life with. I want to hear about her successes and her struggles. I want to support her to live a life filled with joy. I want to teach her how self-reflection can be the most powerful tool she has for creating the life she wants and living from a place of integrity, peace, and love.
My ideal reader wants only good things for me too. And she wants to hear about them when they happen.

Thank you for reading and supporting me on this journey. You can bet that this will be something I write about in my journal.

Let me know what you’re celebrating today – and here’s to 100 more of whatever it is that we want most!

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