What people say

I can tell you how much I love journal writing and coaching clients for hours on end, but at the end of the day, you’re here to get results, right? These are a few things my clients have to say about me:

Test_Angie“In my early forties, as I was seeing the light at the end of my nest, I spent a few months in one-on-one life coaching with Sara.   I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know myself (again), pondering where I really wanted to be in life and how to get there. I began visualizing my dream job, my dream life, what would it look like and how would it feel? I also had some personal health issues I wanted to work on and in time I did. I reached my weight loss goal, I made some personal decisions I’d been putting off for years. I let go of some negative aspects of my life and replaced them with positive, healthy habits. I even began a new career at 46, one in which I can feel a real sense of accomplishment every day. I would recommend Sara to anyone needing just the right balance of motivation, compassion and creativity to get unstuck and begin moving forward. She’s a motivational genius!

Six years later…

Before the Indulgent Summer Journaling Group – I had created my dream job—but in doing so, working from home, I found to be isolating and somewhat of a downer. I was having a difficult time motivating myself to do the mundane things necessary for success and focused more on the feel good stuff, which I knew wouldn’t equal long term success for the non-profit I had worked so diligently to create.

In the group I learned better define my priorities; chart my course of action to accomplish each and every one of them in an effective, creative manner. I gave myself permission to let go and not attempt to do everything myself and I’m working hard not to micro-manage those I’ve given control.

Now, I’m moving forward both professionally and personally by remembering I define me, I define my priorities based on the life I chose to live each and every day and I ask myself each morning when I wake, ‘who do I want to be today?’ ”


“Before I signed up for The Indulgent Summer coaching seminar, I was feeling really stuck.  Ever since my mother’s death two years ago, I just had no motivation to take care of my health. I had gained 50 pounds since her death.  Part of me didn’t care, but a small, saner part of me said ‘Well you have tried everything, why not try personal coaching?’ Test_Nancy

Since I have never been part of a personal coaching group before, I was interested in seeing how the experience would affect me. The first activity we did was very helpful. Sara had us complete a One-Page Productivity Plan. This was just what I needed to kick start my motivation. I sat down and really thought about where I wanted to be the following summer. Seeing it on paper really helped make my goals feel doable. As I broke the goals into manageable steps I began to feel more and more motivated.

The group was so supportive, fun, and for me, very therapeutic. I attribute this to Sara’s ability to bring people together and her overall positive energy. Her coaching really brought out the best in us all.  I gained a deeper understanding of myself though Sara’s gentle questioning. I also experienced the power of a group setting. I have always been so independent, but reaching out and sharing with a coaching group taught me the importance of getting new perspectives on issues.  I think it made me realize how isolating grief can be. As a result I was able to formulate a plan that would get me feeling back on track.

I am moving toward my goals. I continue to use the techniques that we talked about in our group, especially the productivity plan.  I If feel that participating in Sara’s coaching group helped me formulate a new, more positive life style.”



Test_Angela“Before Sara’s Indulgent Summer Coaching Group, I was in a ‘pretty good’ space considering that just a couple of months earlier, I’d left a 6 year relationship that I thought was with the one.  Truthfully, my one-on-one work with Sara earlier in the year helped me clearly define what I wanted in my life and begin to remove the obstacles to having it.  The relationship ending was a by-product of my personal and professional growth.  That’s not to say she coached me to leave.  She trusted that I am the expert on me while she helped facilitate my growth, cheered my decisions, and supported my evolution.

I’ve come to believe that sometimes the best way to make progress in one area is to focus on another.  What I mean by that is, when my attention is focused on another project while I continue to take action on the primary goal I see bigger leaps forward.  I took the ‘Indulgent’ portion of this program to heart and indulged in a dream I’d often thought impossible…or rather not gonna happen, even if you held a gun to my head.  Sounds backwards, I know.  But the discipline and dedication to running a marathon has always been something I’ve admired in people.  I indulged that dream and committed to a Couch to 5K program and continue to make strides in that goal.  While I was focused there Sara slipped in a side-bar challenge: to have one paying client by the end of the year.  The confidence I gained through our work prompted me to up the ante to have one paying client by the end of the month!  She held me to it and I succeeded – yet again, with Sara by my side!”