Group Coaching

Will you be the hostess of my next group experience?

Have you ever experienced the high level of support that comes from being in a like-minded group?

In group coaching, each client has her own intentions, but there’s one common thread. They all want something to be different in their lives. It’s that excitement of pending change that is so electrifying about the group experience.

We support one another, we grow together, and changes, big and small, start to happen.

There’s one difference, though, in the groups I facilitate.

We journal together.

It can be about any topic, and it can be in any journal (no, you don’t have to buy my journals), but we hang together, we write together, and we share our a-ha’s. Along with our challenges, next steps, chocolate…whatever you need to share.

How does it work? You start with a friend. Or six friends. The number is up to you. You and I work together to create an offer for your friends, we invite them to join us, and before you know it we’re jumping into our group experience.

Groups that work well often have a theme. Summer Survival for Moms. Boss Moms Making it Happen. Better-Late-Than-Never-Baby-Journals.

Want to chat more? Shoot me an email today and we’ll chat about what you’re looking for and how I can help you and your friends: