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Resources for ideas from
“Beyond Pen & Paper: 33 Experiments in Journaling”

These resources are organized by journaling type, which are listed in alphabetical order for ease of use.

 Art Journaling

I love this page of Art Journaling Basics. It’s enough info to get started and emphasizes that you don’t need to buy every supply in your craft store.

The website houses a blog with art journaling info, tips, supply suggestions, and prompts for your art journal.

Lots of art journaling resources mention a material called Gesso. Curious? Check out this article that talks about what Gesso is and how it can help.

There are literally dozens of sites on this topic. If you do a search for Art Journaling, you will have a selection of sites to choose from. This is one I like.

Audio Recording

Vermail Voice Email Software will record your voice messages or audios and email them automatically once the recording is finished.

RecordPad Sound Recording Software is another sound recording program that you can easily download and use to record audios or messages. This too gives you the option to email the messages to yourself:

Headset recommendations

Plantronics Audio 995 Wireless Headset has several great reviews online and is known for making clear recordings.

Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390 is a lower priced headset that plugs directly into your computer for you to record your audio journal.

Voice Recorders are pretty similar in quality and the way in which they are used. Listed on this page are a number of digital recorders along with a couple of options for cassette recorders.

Creating a Vision Board

One of my favorite vision board resources is summarized in this article and there’s a link at the bottom of this page for a free eBook on vision boards.

Jack Canfield is almost always popular and he’s got his own piece on creating vision boards. Check it out here.

This website is focused on making vision boards and includes links to helpful tutorials, lists of supplies, and suggestions for getting started.

Feng Shui for your vision board can be found here.

Digital Photo Chronicling

There are many options for making digital photo books. Most of them offer an easy way to upload and store your photos and a variety of formats for the layout and creation of your books. Some of the options include:

Shutterfly is a bookmaking service with the intention of making books for personal use or gifts. is a bookmaking service that I haven’t used yet, but I love their site. Each sample book has a close-up photo on the cover. Their books look highly inviting.

MyPublisher is a photo bookmaking site that has an offer for a free book to new customers. This is a great way to try digital photo book making with little up-front investment. makes photo books for your personal use or to sell through Amazon.

List Making

There is an entire line of journals that have been created just for list making. Check out the Listography books here.

Shadow Boxes

Build your own shadow box from scratch.

Social Media Posting

One site that provides tutorials in all of today’s popular social media tool is This site requires a subscription, but if you are interested in self-guided learning and support, it can be worth the investment. will also yield how-to videos, however these videos will likely not be vetted to the extent of those found on

Interested in creating a book from your social media posts? You can do it with your Facebook posts right here.

Using Mobile Apps

Mobile app development companies have created several options for keeping a journaling using your smartphone or tablet. Here is a list of 50 options available through the iTunes store. In a search for Android specific apps, the list was not quite as long. Check them out here.

Video Logging

You might have video editing software that came with your computer. If you are interested in using an alternative to the software on your computer, VideoPad Video Editor is one option that is available for both Windows and Mac.

For users with a soft spot for Adobe products, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is another option.

Finally, purchasing a piece of software can be pricey. Here is a review of the 2014 Best Video Editing Softwares.

Word Processing

Interested in the software that shuts your Internet access for a specified amount of time? This might just be the most useful resource on this list, and not just to eliminate distractions while writing in your journal. Check out the Freedom for Productivity app here.

Being able to protect your journal with a password is one of the top reasons to use word processing software. Here is a link to protect your Microsoft Word journal, and another to protect documents created in Pages.

Other resources? Send me an email so I can post it here. Click here to access the Contact page.