First Time Authors

Do you have a child in your life who loves to write? Has she asked you about publishing a book? Would he be over the moon with excitement if you could make that happen for him? Wouldn’t it be incredible to see your kids book available on Amazon?

First Time Authors is a writing and publishing experience just for kids. The books I make with kids are
books for kids, by kids. First-Time-Author

In this program, I work with your child one-on-one to:

  • Write an original story
  • Engage in the publishing process – this includes making decisions about the cover, the interior layout, fonts, etc.
  • Ultimately create their very own book – a piece of art they can keep forever

How does it work? In a series of carefully planned sessions, we work through the process of making a book. Because every project is different the number of sessions may vary, but here’s a general outline I follow:

  1. Book Planning. In this session I teach your First Time Author a little about the publishing process and we talk about the decisions they will have to think about when planning their book. We also talk about the writing process.
  2. Developing an original story. We meet anywhere from 2-5 sessions to discuss the development of your Author’s original story.
  3. Editing. It’s easy to want to skip editing, but it’s also critical to producing a quality book. We spend time on editing and choose a technique that gets your Author to interact with her book in a new way. At the end of this phase, we talk about what your Author wants the book to look like. We’ve been talking about this the whole time we’ve worked together, but now is the time to make decisions.
  4. Book Design. I take the text and layout ideas and put it together to prepare for the printer.
  5. Proofing and Distribution. We review a proof copy of the book and if it’s good to go, we go to print and, if you want, we distribute it.

In the First Time Authors package you get:

  • All of the sessions to complete a book – sessions are in 45-60 minute blocks of time
  • Guidance for continuing to write between sessions
  • Interior design and book layout
  • Cover design (Please note, I possess a basic level of graphic design skill; while I get better everyday, if you want a super fancy cover, you may need to hire a book cover designer. Having said that, I find it’s more meaningful for the kids if they design it themselves.)
  • $49 setup fee with the printer
  • An original ISBN (Why is this important? Well, if you buy a $10 ISBN from a printer, that printer owns the rights to your book, and you do not. Yes, ISBN’s are expensive, but I buy them in bulk to save cost and to save from trouble down the road if you want to try a different printer.)
  • Tips and suggestions for marketing your book

What I don’t do:

  • Publish fan fiction of any type; original stories only
  • Write a story for your kids; I will make suggestions and give ideas, but the words will be theirs
  • Change the tone and language of the book to one more suitable for adults – these are books for kids, by kids
  • Illustrate books; Authors can provide their own illustrations or explore other options if they want illustrations, but don’t want to create them
  • Market your books; you are responsible for any marketing or promotion you want to do

If you’d like to learn more I would love to hear about the First Time Author in your life. Please email me at and we’ll schedule a time to talk.